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March, 8, 2009

The world knows of the horrible conditions forced upon your fellow Sunni Muslims in Palestine. It deeply affects us all and brings sorrow to every human being with a kind heart and a dream of justice. However, Ahmadinejad’s government ironically, claims to be sympathetic toward the oppressed Palestinians. With empty rhetoric and an opportunistic agenda he tries to take advantage of the muddy waters in this situation. Instead of finding meaningful solutions, Ahmainejad is jeopardizing the Palestinian peace process. In fact, the general policy of the Iranian government particularly during Ahmadinejad’s presidency is very convoluted and complex, producing terrible results, worse than one could ever imagine.

In order to further realize Ahmadinejad’s mind set, one has to look at the Iranian news media owned by the government, using false propaganda regarding the coming of the 12th Shia Imam. Ahmadinejad has created a fascistic tyrannical pseudo religious government, which is against the true teachings of Islam and Shia’ism. Under the name of Islam, his government is heavily suppressing Muslims throughout the country, particularly the Sunni Muslims. There have been many anti Sunni books published and distributed during Ahmadinejad’s presidency. The authors of these books are extremist and fundamentalist mullahs that are on government payroll. These radical authors see Sunnis as adversaries and enemies of Shiats. The amount and the degree of insults, lies and contempt against Sunnis are such that any human being whether Muslim or not would be exasperated. This should not turn Sunnis against their fellow Shia brothers because Shia Muslims are also suffering under this oppressive regime.

These days a group of newly graduated students from the Religious School of Qom put on the religious attire and travel across the country spreading hatred and insults against Sunnis. These kinds of shameful foul language can not be written down here. However, we include a few samples of the news and the media for you to see, and you judge for yourself.

The reality is that currently any Muslim, Shia or Sunni can not express and voice their opinions against these unjust acts without being persecuted or executed savagely. However, those of you who live in the European countries should rise in defense of your fellow Muslims and do not allow these so called Muslims exploit the Shia beliefs and the true religion of Islam.

European Muslim Alliance is planning to organize a rally throughout Europe voicing their objections against the current inhumane and criminal government of Iran. We are requesting your support and solidarity at this critical time. Please be rest assured that your support of this great cause will have a great impact on preventing further clash between Sunnis and Shi’as.

The Committee for Union between the Muslims in Europe
Laheh, Holland
March, 2009

Transcript of Mehdi Daneshmand lecture in Persian

Some Evidence of Mullah’s Prejudices Against Sunni Brothers and Sisters in Islamic Republic Iran

By Mehdi Daneshmand at Vahdat News

A better life, with birth control, is a problem posed to us by the government’s official policy.
We have Sunni population all over our inside or outside borders.

Sunnis get benefits from Saudis or Pakistan inside of our country to make families and for producing more children one after another.

At the same time, the official policy of the government for male Shiites is to undergo sterilization procedures after one or two children. Sandi’s deceptive benefit is based on more Sunni population inside a Shiite country. If our officials had more courage and present the true statistics, people could make their own judgment

The truth is the rate of increase of population in the Sunni areas versus the Shiite areas talk for itself.

The government says we would not issue identity cards and birth certificates for Shiite’s third child while it does not a matter if a Sunni has ten children!

If the same policy continues as it has until now, in five years time, we have a majority of Sunnis inside a Shiite country. Then the result of election will talk for itself, you name it, Parliament or Presidency would be exclusively for Sunni’s or the candidates which are approved by the Sunni majority. It is a scandal!!
This is not all, Sunni’s are studying more at the universities and the prestigious religious schools. Just look at the Sistan-and-Baluchistan province, All the smugglers are Sunnis and all the poor addicts are Shiite

A legitimate question here is to ask whether Sunnis helping us in our cause, no, no, no. Iranian vahabie Sunnis go to Iraq to kill Shiite fighters, or to Afghanistan to slice Shiite heads, or to Pakistan to explode Shiite mosques

It is a scandal, Sunnis commit all these crimes against Shiites outside of the country and smuggling narcotics or studying at universities inside of country. What a shame!

What a Shiite idiocy, What a Shiite idiocy, Shiites will not open their eyes, it is better to die with bullets than our beloved children suffering of addiction to Heroine, Cracks etc.

Nonetheless, there is a pressure from the government to quiet any voice against solidarity and unity between brother Muslims I do not understand It is not understandable. What has this to do with the unity?

Why do you bite me all the time with the ”unity slogan”?

I can understand the unity slogan better than you can imagine. The ”unity slogan” is played by those who are not concerned with Shiites problems. Those deceptive forces who sweep problems under the carpet as it never existed.

If you are truthful in what you saying to the people, do not issue birth certificates for Sunnis third child as you do for Shiites.

If you are truthful in what you saying to people, inform our innocent and cherished youth about addiction and it’s consequences

But if you concentrate your efforts to eliminate Shiites, I hope your life to be eliminated.

But if you decided to let Hazrat Ali down, by praying to Hazrat Zahara, I wish you to become infamous and uproot all over.

Transcript of Mehdi Daneshmand lecture in Persian Part 2:
Some Evidence of Mullah’s Prejudices Against Sunni Brothers and Sisters in Islamic Republic Iran Part 2
By Mehdi Daneshmand at

”Curse to Everyone Who Is Sunni”
Now, there is a moment someone comes and says, ”Sunnis are Bastards.”

There is a difference between being bastard or being borned by act of adultery.

Adultery means that the mother has done wrong but being bastard means as I am explaining later here and also have written in my comments to the Shiite religious Codes,

”when one during procession in Mekka does not pray correctly 2 times (Namaz tavaff Nesa= The female circulating prayer), ones’ wife becomes forbidden for him, according tells of the Prophet and tells of the Imam Ali.”

You are sitting and looking at me; if you forget this, shame on you, Mehdi Daneshmand says.

God bless my late father, he said always if you hear the name of these infidels and not curse them, your soul is lost!

”Omar was both bastard and borned by act of adultery. You know, I have proof. His father committed adultery with one of his servants. She became pregnant and got a daughter. His daughter grow up and then he raped his own daughter when she had menstruate! Then Omar was product of this shameless act. I have proof. I will show you the proof.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

Yesterday, I received a letter full of gross slander and defamation where the blasphemer accuized me why I said these things about Sunnis. My answer is check your own background, your own history, your mother, then you know why!

”Who let you to say these blasphemous things to a Shiite mullah?” Mehdi Daneshmand asks

”Cause you are a Sunni!”,

”Now, check your mother, check your father, check your ancestors, examine yourself so there isn’t anything wrong.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

A moment of pause, then Mehdi Daneshmand starts to say shameless things about Omar and asks the audience to follow his steps.

Abu-Bakr, shame on you, ”what is the problem? Omar asked Abu-Bakr” I am trying to make more people against Ali.” Abu-Bakr answered.

The Bastard Omar said: ”Ask me, I will tell you!”

”Remember when The Prophet was talking, he said, ”Dear Ali you are the border and measurement of being bastard or legitimate Those who love you are legitimate, those who dislike you are bastards.”

”yes” he answered. ”Now recall this.” ”Everyone who becomes bastard, has problem with Ali.”

”What can we do in-order to increase the number of bastards?” Omar asked.

” I don’t know”, Abu-Bakr said: ” you are an idiot.” Omar answered.

”What a bastard infidel”, ” you don’t know, according to the Shiite religious Codes, when one during procession in Mekka does not pray correctly 2 times ( Namaz tavaff Nesa ), ones’ wife becomes forbidden for him.” Mehdi Daneshmand made a comment.

Now Mehdi Daneshmand looks at the elders, ”Isn’t that so, elders?”

”OK, but what has this to do with Ali?” Abu-Bakr asked.

”Hum, We should forbid the payer during the procession ( Namaz tavaff Nesa ), he answered.”, ”so our followers wouldn’t do it and then their wives become forbidden for them, and so their children become bastards.”

”Now, you fracking bastard are writing a letter to me that I should leave your place,” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

You fracking bastard Israeli Betrayer!

”You accuize me to be an Israeli.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

The letter writer says my audience is merely consisted of imbeciles!

I have to ask how many of you have PhD s or are graduate students!

This is nothing then the tellings of a bastard!

”You ,a blasphemer, are accuizing a Shiite Mullah, cause Sunnis dislike Shiites.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

”Shame to your father, shame to your mother, Curse to any and every Sunnis” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

The audience says ”Ame en, So Say We All”.

They say: ”Khomeini was for unity between Sunnis and Shiites. So is not the case. Firstly, It was not He who said that, It was another one who stated that, but Khomeini approved that. So do not mixes things with each other!, Thanks to Fatema Zahara, He paid what he paid and left us.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

”Secondly, Unity between Sunnis and Shiites means holding your breath infinitely and do not talk at all, it means not telling the truth and history of Shiites for them, so some teachers are going to our schools and telling our innocent children that Omar was merely a servant of Islam and it was He who converted Iranians to Islam and then I have no rights to condemn Omar, It means that.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

”Until my last breath, I will say, Omar was a Bastard, Any and Every Sunni is a Bastard, cause Sunnis do not pray two times during the procession in Mekka, so their wives are forbidden (not-halal) to them.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

”So what is your problem, so you are crying for Sunnis, it is not your business! How many Sunnis have you converted to Shiites? I have converted 13 Sunnis to Shiites by this sharp tongue! There is another one which I am working on currently, so Inshallah with God’s name he will be 14Th, By the name of the 14 Holy Saints.” Mehdi Daneshmand says.

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